Thursday, September 1, 2011


Don't forget to upload your photos to the photobucket account set up by Ms. Joel at

The login is tonkacostarica and password tonka123--same as logging in to post on the blog.

Enjoy your last days of summer and thanks again for a truly amazing experience in our travel and research together! I am so pleased and proud of the work done by all, the dynamics of the group, and as always your talents, intelligence, curiosity and skills! You truly amaze me!!!!!

Have a great start to the school year! Please don't hesitate to remind me of your requests for college recommendations as we head in to the new school year and by all means ask if you have any questions. Guidance will train you on the Naviance system, and once you are registered there, I am able to upload your letter of recommendation and supporting materials such as the common application.

OK! Have a nice weekend and spread the word to everyone that they should quick check the blog for this info!

See you soon-

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Goodbye Costa Rica

This is the last post for the trip...we're COMING HOME! Today was a great relaxing day full of sun, swimming and a bit of soccer. We successfully avoided all rip tides, and are all safe and sound! Tomorrow's travel agenda entails leaving the research center at 9:30am and with many hours of flight and connections we will land safety in Minneapolis at 11:45pm. We will meet around midnight at the far end Of the airport, similar area to where we departed but on the baggage level. I'm sure you're all interested in seeing more photos so look for a notification of our online group photo album in the next few days. See you in HOURS!!!!


Hello young scientists!

Hope your night on the beach was awesome!!! Enjoy your last evening in Costa Rica...

Safe travels tomorrow.

Bri - We can't wait to see you at the airport tomorrow night. Even Alicia is going to stay up late so she can be there to pick you up :)

The Falks

Day 9 comes to an end

Hello! This is the Bris. (Falk and Naumchik).
Before leaving for our turtle excursion last night we learned about the leatherback sea turtles that migrate to Costa Rica to lay their eggs. We learned all about their migration patterns, how many eggs they lay, how big they are, and that they are an endangered species. The turtle expert, Bebe, told us how they have been tagging the turtles to monitor their patterns. They also monitor the condition of the oceans in relation to how they affect the turtles. The el niƱo (warm water) and la nina (cold water) phenomenas cycle through every few years, and the nina conditions are best for the turtles. Once we had our turtle intro we jumped in the bus and drove to the beach. It was pitch black by the time we got there at 8, and we all quickly ditched our shoes and splashed around in the water. Once the turtle experts came we got down to business. We had to be really quiet so we wouldn't scare the turtles, and could only use red flashlights because regular ones are too bright. Right away, we spotted a turtle trail and followed it to find a female Olive Ridley ready to lay her eggs. We encountered a special circumstance: this turtles back flippers were compromised by a run in with a boat. So it was difficult for her to dig a hole for her eggs. Instead of bringing the sand out of the hole she could only push it around, so Bebe got on her stomach and helped scoop the sand out for the turtle. Once the hole was complete, the female went into a trance to give birth. She ended up laying 133 eggs, which is an amazing amount for her species. After she layed her eggs we collected them and relocated them to a safer position (away from crab holes.) In the new hole we put a special thermometer, allowing us to monitor the eggs through out the gestation period. After the hole was covered up and nest marked our eyelids were drooping and fatigue was upon us, it was time to go home.

What a great experience!

Hi Trevor,
Sounds like a fantastic trip. Enjoyed the updates and photos. Have a feeling that our mini trip to the "jungles" of the Superior National Forest and the "beaches" of Lake Superior don't hold a candle to your travels!

Have a safe trip home everyone.

Love Mom, Dad and Kade